Miru's new website

In an effort to keep everything together Ive just finished building Miru's new website, It will feature al things Miru related and this site will be strictly for my abstract works. Check out the new site today



 New Roof for Dao Jones' new music video


London Bound!

Last Year, I began working with Imitate Modern, a London based gallery showing street art and graffiti works. Im happy to announce that sveral paintings are now in their care and will be displayed in London's Carnival of Color



Shards: From Paintings to Patterns

Shards are an abstract form of graffiti I developed a few years ago. Inspired from seeing a glass fall in slow mothion I create jagged, sharp shapes and multi colored tiles flying with their own sense of purpose. These layered paintings are built upon 5 + layers of collage, paint, drips, tags and texture. I have painted walls and public murals in this style and have always regarded the style as a "living pattern" meaning it was always moving due to these layers and the motion captured was only there for a moment. I also have 10 years experience in apparel and textile graphics so now Ive married the two together to create seamless textile patterns constructed from small swatches of selected paintings. 


Apartment Makeovers 

A new project just happened, working on a new aprtment here in Nyc, laced with graffiti. This would be interesting to wake up too each day