Fountain Art Fair 2014

Painted a 7ft x 9ft banner for 2014's Fountain Arts Fair! 


Featured in Marie Claire March 2014 Issue

A while back I had a small painting in the Young New Yorkers Auction in NYC. The Creative Director of Marie Claire, Nina Garcia, loved my painting and chose it to get featured in this months issue. Be sure to check out the March issue, page 112 this month! 


The Darkest Knight

The Darkest Kni ght, 50x 40, mixed media on canvas, 2013

The Darkest Knoght is one of 2013's last paintings. This is a part of my "Shardpop" series, exploring pop culture through my abstracted shapes and forms. This paingint can currently be seen at Soho Contemporary Art, 259 Bowery, NY, NY



A Spider's Revenge

"A Spider's Revenge" 5ft x 6 ft 2013, mixed media on canvas

A Spider's Revenge is my first painting my my "Shard Pop" series. Shard Pop is a fusing of my abstract Shards with pop culture icons. This is a cool challenge to use both my illustrative and abstract techniques in one painting. More are planned so stay tuned. Check this painting out at Soho Contemporary Art, 259 Bowery


Now on Etsy

I finally got around to updating my Etsy store. Now listed are the new Shards Leggings, 3 different styles, Pendants, Rings, Tote bags and Miru's t-shirt. Check out the shop here