Tomorrow is the day!

The Adventures of Miru is Sold out at Midtown Comics!Β 

The Adventures of Miru is Sold out at Midtown Comics! 

In less than 24 hours, The Adventures of Miru will be out on comic book store shelves across the country and in the United Kingdom. The on-going comic book series explores the tale of Miru, who crash lands on the world of Gaia, he inadvertently becomes the most wanted creature around. Along with a rag-tag band of allies, Miru begins his journey to save all existence from the devious Dr. Monopoly and his wicked master, the demon king, Samsura! Written by Rick Laprade, Colored by Eleonora Dalla Rosa and drawn by me, this series is going to an awesome adventure/ fantasty/ sci-fi series for all ages! 

Meanwhile in Brooklyn

"Meanwhile in Brooklyn" 24 x 36, Mixed Media on canvas, 2016

"Meanwhile in Brooklyn" 24 x 36, Mixed Media on canvas, 2016

Meanwhile in Brooklyn is my 2nd painting of the year but the first in a new direction. Ive had 2 styles of  artwork for a while now. First, my illustrative styles shown mainly through my character Miru, comics, walls and some other drawings Ive posted. Second, the more abstracted style, Shards shown mainly through my fine art and some public walls. Having 2 styles is great but some days it makes my head hurt. Ive thought of combing the styles for years and started playing around with the idea and imagery a few years ago but didnt stick to it. This year Ive decided this is the way to go. Im an illustrator at heart and Ive spent the past 5 years working on a comic book series, over the past few months its been tough to go from drawing sequential comics all day to painting abstract/ figurative paintings at night. Those are 2 different visual worlds and switching creative gears isnt always so easy.  

Meanwhile in Brooklyn is the first in this new visual combination of both styles. Here, Im using the Shards as design elements within the figure rather than the final look. Comics have always had an influence on me and even more so now that I am producing one myself so Ive carried over certain aesthetics such as sound effects, word balloons and captions to tell a story.

I am still experimenting with the balance between the two, but this style hybrid is a truer reflection of both styles working together.